Welcome to the new Lettuce Heads Farm

What is CSA?

What is CSA? When you become a member of Community Supported Agriculture, or a CSA, you play a direct role in revitalizing your local food system--and you get a weekly haul of farm-fresh vegetables to show for it! Unlike the bland tasting food you get from a grocery store, everything we offer is harvested and packed not days but hours before pickup, maximizing taste and nutrition. This not only allows you to get your favorite, in season veggies at the height of ripeness and tastiness but will also allow you to become a bit adventurous and try new and unique veggies you haven’t had the opportunity to experience.

How does it work? Members pay the full cost of the 22-week summer share and/or the 12-week winter share, upfront (or split the cost into 3 payments). This allows us to purchase seeds, supplies, and equipment for the year without accruing debt. From a cash flow prospective we have a very large outflowing of cash each spring and not enough inflow during that time of year to pay for everything. Think of the CSA as an investment in the farm and your dividends are the vegetables you get weekly. As young farmers building a business this point can’t be emphasized enough! Simply put, by becoming a member, you’re directly supporting a local, sustainable operation that is “fresh and free with heart and soul in every seed.” You become part of the farm's success. You can visit the farm and talk to your farmer about the produce you're eating. The CSA is more than buying food; it is a relationship, a community, a place you can rest easy knowing that we care as much about you and what's going into your bodies as ours!

Signup will always be open. However, if signing up after July 7, 2017 the payment method will be by check until the next online payment installment (if paying in installments) If paying in whole it will be by check for the remaining weeks x $25/wk or online.

The details: 22 week "summer CSA" running from June through October (Starting in 2018 with a shorter July through October “summer CSA” this year). The price will be $25/wk or $550 ($425 this year) total ($525 if paid all upfront). We will ask for payment in advance or in three installments ($250 initially with $150 payments every 6 weeks) you can send all three checks with the two final payments predated, to be cashed on given dates throughout the season or you can pay online by selecting which payment you are making from our store (3% credit card fee will be included in this cost). Due to the shortened season this years share will cost $425 ($400 if paid upfront, or $225, $100, $100 if paid in installments.)


We will also offer a 12 week "winter CSA" this will be broken into two, 6 week increments, November and the first two weeks of December, resuming the third week of January running through February (starting in 2017). The cost will remain $25/week or $300 ($275 if paid in advance or $150 upfront and $150 at the beginning of the second 6 weeks). Pay online here.

On farm pickup will be Fridays from 3pm to 6pm to allow time for those that work to get to the farm. The on farm pick up would also be grocery style. There will be 15-20 items available each with a specific point value and you can pick and choose 10 points (each point is worth $3.00) worth of product with no limit on how many of a specific item you could take (with some exceptions) for example if you want 5 lb of tomatoes you could take that and for go other items, you get what you want. This will allow you to take what you will use not what we give you. Delivery will remain "farmer’s choice" and there will be a $25/season delivery charge.

Deliveries are to the following places:

Fridays: Amherst Public Library from 4:00 to 4:30pm

Fridays: Oberlin Public Library from 5:00 to 5:30pm

Fridays: Bohemian Wrapsody - Norwalk 3:00 to close or during business hours any day after Friday.

Sundays: New Beginnings Church (at approx. 11:45am)

We will have CSA Farm events, monthly or bi-monthly, specific on farm events for CSA members to experience the farm and create a community of support to share recipes, experiences, and create friendships.

Refer a friend that becomes a CSA member and get a 10% discount code to use on our website for the duration of the CSA season.

We look forward to having you as members!

Your bearded farmers,

The Lettuce Heads